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Our eco-friendly alternatives

Our eco-friendly alternatives

Together with our partners, we are always looking for the most sustainable solutions for you and your fleet.

In addition, we keep a close eye on the latest technological developments and the rapidly changing insights in the energy market.

Our extensive network ensures that you can also refuel electrically in many places.
Electric charging with CAPS

Electricity is by far the most popular clean 'fuel' or energy for sustainable and clean driving at the moment.


A hybrid or electric car? The Caps Fuel Card has an RFID chip that gives you access to 260,000 charging points in Europe. 


Electric charging is possible at home, at work, or on the LMS roaming network.

Download the APP

Download the APP for the latest overview of charge points. It also offers other features, such as finding the nearest charging station, starting a transaction and following up on transactions.

AdBlue is an aqueous solution that is used to convert up to 85 procent of NOx emissions into water and nitrogen.
What is AdBlue

AdBlue is a mixture of 32.5% technical Urea and 67.5% demineralised water. This high-quality product is injected in doses into the exhaust of modern diesel vehicles and, together with the catalytic converter, ensures that the harmful NOx is reduced by more than 85%.

The harmful NOx (nitrogen oxides) are thus converted into pure nitrogen and water.

In our extensive network of stations, there are plenty of opportunities to fill up with AdBlue in the BENELUX, so that together we can create an environmentally friendly environment.