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All advantages summarized

Personal discount

CAPS customers enjoy a personal discount that is offered on the official price.

Click here for a custom offer.

Management and monitoring

You can easily manage your fuel cards via the online management system.

Log in via your personal account and consult all fuel cards, transactions & invoices.

All under control

The alert system allows you to maintain optimal control over your transactions.

Determine yourself the parameters and the frequency with which irrigularities are detected via alert mails.

Prepaid card

Our CAPS Prepaid Card can be perfectly integrated in your mobility plan.

Manage the mobility budget of your employees via CAPS Control Management. You and your employees have a clear follow-up of the remaining budgets by fuel card. 

Toll settlement BE - Liefkenshoektunnel

Since 2016, all vehicles with a MTM of > 3.5 tonnes must have an On Board Unit. Pay your toll easily with your CAPS card.
Extra: since 2021, your CAPS card now also gives you access to the Liefkenshoek tunnel in Antwerp.


No more cash payments and separate tickets, as a CAPS customer your toll is paid via your CAPS invoice.